NeoBarock live in Concert, Cologne 13.04.2019

Sonatas and Concertos by Schaffrath, Händel and Benda

Maren Ries – baroque violin/viola
Ariane Spiegel – baroque violoncello
Stanislav Gres – harpsichord

Anonym (probably Nicolaus Adam Strungk, 1640-1700)

“Contrapunct sopra la Baßigaylos d’Altr.”
Fantasy on the chorale »Wie schön leuchtet der Morgenstern«
for violin and basso continuo

Live in Telgte, 14.12.2019
With an introduction by Maren Ries

Johann Philipp Kirnberger (1721-1783)
Trio in D minor | 1st movement, Andante

Live recording from Groningen

Kirnberger is well known among music historians as music theorist. As a composer he was forgotten for a long time, undeservedly, as some of his compositions which are rediscovered and played by NeoBarock may prove.

Johann Sebastian Bach (1727-1756)
Art og Fugue | BWV 1080 | Contrapunctus 10 and 11

Live recording from Rostock, 17.5.19

Maren Ries – baroque violin
Kerstin Linder-Dewan – baroque violin
Nazar Kozhukhar – baroque viola
Ariane Spiegel – baroque violoncello
Stanislav Gres – harpsichord

“Frog’s Concerto” | Concerts for Kids | Live recording from 1.2.2019

Maren Ries – baroque violin and concept
Anna-Maria Smerd – baroque violin
Ariane Spiegel – baroque violoncello
Stanislav Gres – harpsichord

Music of Solitude

Bach’s Art of Fugue as a Melopoem
arranged for strings by NeoBarock
with texts by Robert Schneider

“Robert Schneider’s texts are interwoven with the music to a unified fascinating whole – a ‘Gesamtkunstwerk’. … artistic mastery that is undoubtedly part of a divine order.” (Südkurier)

ECHO Classic – Price 2014

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