Since their foundation in 2003, NeoBarock have gained an excellent reputation for their spellbinding interpretations and their unconventional programs, based on musicological research.
For NeoBarock, the choice of baroque instruments and knowledge of historical performance practice is not an end in itself, a staging of past events, nor do they produce museum pieces as a musical backdrop to contemporary life. Based on profound knowledge of the sources, on constant research, employing exactly the kind of instruments a piece was originally written for, these readings are a conscious effort to get as close to the composers’ intentions as possible. This is precisely how NeoBarock reveals the timelessness of the masterpieces and brings the music directly into the present.
NeoBarock is not limited to the music of the Baroque and Classical periods. Thanks to the outstanding abilities of its internationally renowned members, the ensemble also performs rarities from the 20th century in programs spanning different eras, allowing early and new music to merge in a richly evocative way.

Sensational rediscoveries, reconstructions of lost works and innovative perspectives on the standard literature turn the concerts into an experience: “It is rare to experience such a well-conceived, completely self-contained program” is how the Gießener Allgemeine summed up the uniqueness of the program concepts.
With its unmistakably intense sound, technical brilliance and musical expressiveness, as well as its rhetorical approach to music, NeoBarock is a regular guest on the stages of renowned concert halls and important festivals.

In recent years, the ensemble has made a name for itself with challenging and exciting youth programs to inspire children for baroque music.
In February 2024, the musical fairy tale Princess Fasola and the Muscle Animals was published in collaboration with Swiss author Jolanda Steiner in the format of a CD picture book, illustrated by Heribert Schulmeyer.
With SOMMER’S WORLD LITERATURE to go, NeoBarock presents an entire opera by Rameau as a Playmobil performance.

The numerous CD recordings, which have won awards including the Echo Klassik Prize, will be expanded in 2024 with the release of the audio psychogram Pallas Nordica, which combines the biography of the legendary Queen Christina of Sweden with compositions dedicated to her.
In 2025, cantatas by Biber and Pachelbel will be released in a recording with the young Australian soprano Carly Power.

“A way of playing that you can’t get enough of.
… artistic mastery that is undoubtedly part of a divine order.”

Südkurier (Germany)

Artistic leaders of NeoBarock:

Maren Ries – baroque violin/viola
Stanislav Gres – harpsichord/organ

For specific projects NeoBarock expands its ensemble cast by collaborating with renowned guest musicians.

“NeoBarock’s musical performances are stylistically brilliant, dynamic, passionate and on the cutting edge of where Bach in the 21st century is heading.”

Huffington Post (USA)