Private patron provides NeoBarock with valuable instruments

The generous engagement of a private patron enabled NeoBarock to order their own harpsichord from the currently world’s best harpsichord maker. In January 2013, NeoBarock travelled to Italy to see Bruce Kennedy, in order to try out different models. Due to the maker’s excitement for the ensemble, he built the two-manual Blanchet instrument within half a year. At a concert for sponsors and friends in Tuscany in 2013, the harpsichord was solemnly inaugurated. It has been a part of the happy Neos ever since, and accompanies them to concerts, as long as spatial distance allows for it. The harpsichord contributes to NeoBarock’s typical sound.

Thanks to private support, NeoBarock attained another excellent instrument – a viola modeled after the Amati brothers’ and built by Roger Hargrave – a perfect addition to the collection and sound of NeoBarock.

“Applause is what artists live for”

NeoBarock is an independent chamber music ensemble that is not supported by the state, such as a symphony orchestra, which means that NeoBarock is not only responsible for the artistic aspects, but also for the economical ones. The ensemble and its musicians have to ensure their survival 100% on their own without any subsidies. Innovative and brave concert projects and CD productions beyond the mainstream repertoire usually cost more money than they bring in. Do you want to be a part of music history? Help NeoBarock to expand their cultural pole position. Please feel free to talk to us about your ideas on how to support NeoBarock financially or ideationally.

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