MAREN RIES | VIOLIN, VIOLA & artistic direction

· Leopold Widhalm, Nuremberg 1769
· Copy of Gioffredo Cappa by Roger G. Hargrave 1998
· Copy of Andrea Amati by Roger G. Hargrave 2016
· Copy of the brothers Amati by Roger G. Hargrave  1998

At the age of 9, Maren Ries imposed her demand to finally exchange her recorder for a violin. Due to the lack of problems at school, or other challenges that would have required a lot of effort, she read her way through the public library in Hamburg and spent her free time thoroughly engaging with her instrument of choice, because she always enjoyed facing the new challenges that the violin holds in store for her – until this day. Thanks to her first violin teacher, she realized quickly that there is more than on single violin prototype. Instead, every musical era requires an adequate instrument. Playing on gut strings was the most thrilling for her: the natural material hardly ever kept the tuning and ripped in the most inconvenient moments – fortunately, she has solved those problems by now. During her modern violin studies in Leipzig and Stuttgart, she engaged with the classic-romantic mainstream-repertoire only as much as necessary. Inspired by her professor Kolja Lessing, she was passionate about the works of Isang Yun, Philipp Jarnach and other composers of the 20th century. By visiting master classes and finishing her baroque violin postgraduate studies as a member of the soloist class at the conservatory in Würzburg, she specialized in the music of the 17th and 18th century.


While finishing her studies, Maren Ries became a member of Reinhard Goebel’s Musica Antiqua Köln. As a member of the ensemble, she spent the following seven years giving concerts all over the world as a violinist and viola player in the orchestra, the chamber music formation, and as a soloist.
Equipped with such international concert experience, inspiring advice, as well as the strive to realize her own ideas, she founded her ensemble NeoBarock. From this point on, she has been investing all of her time and energy into the ensemble. Unfortunately, she rarely has the time to pursue her other passions, such as reading a good book or sitting at her sewing machine, designing the newest outfits for NeoBarock.

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