Ruper Ignaz Mayr (1646-1712)
Sonata in D major for violin and basso continuo
[Präludium] – Presto | Aria – Presto

Live recording of a concert by NeoBarock on 16.04.2018 in Coburg

Maren Ries – violin
Ariane Spiegel – violoncello
Stanislav Gres – harpsichord

Johann Philipp Kirnberger (1721-1783)
Trio in D minor | 1st movement, Andante

Live recording of a concert by NeoBarock in Groningen

Kirnberger is well known among music historians as music theorist. As a composer he was forgotten for a long time, undeservedly, as some of his compositions which are rediscovered and played by NeoBarock may prove.

Johann Gottlieb Goldberg (1727-1756)
Sonata in C major | 3rd movement, Largo | 4th movement, Gigue

Live recording of a concert by NeoBarock in Groningen

For a long time, musical praxis didn’t want to accept that Bach is definitely not the composer of this C major Sonata but Bach-pupil Goldberg most probably is. No wonder – it is a masterful piece, worthy of the master’s name: The upper-voices canon in the 3rd movement points directly to Bach as its model. Here Bach’s greatness is mirrored in his pupils’ works.

Music of Solitude – A Melopoem
Bach | Art of Fugue

Johann Sebastian Bach’s Art of Fugue, arranged for strings by NeoBarock, is interwoven with texts by Austrian author Robert Schneider (famous for his novel ›Brother of Sleep‹) to a unified fascinating whole – a ›Gesamtkunstwerk‹. We called this new invention »Melopoem«, because the texts – even the prose texts – are of a lyrical nature that take their criteria from Bach’s music itself, from the compositional development of counterpoint, of mirroring, of augmentation and diminution, of retrogression, the introduction of various themes, of canons etc.

NeoBarock’s  Children’sChambermusicConcerts
Live recording of a concert with NeoBarock in Vellern

Classical music is boring?
Not if it’s played by NeoBarock: Prick up your ears and you will have a lot of fun!

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