NeoBarock’s musical performances are stylistically brilliant, dynamic, passionate and on the cutting edge of where Bach in the 21st century is heading.

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Why do we make music?

This is the question the violinist Maren Ries  and the cellist Ariane Spiegel asked themselves at the end of their long cooperation with Reinhard Goebel and his legendary Musica Antiqua Köln. Their answer was: NeoBarock! Since this German chamber music formation was founded in 2003 the musicians, completed with Stanislav Gres at the harpsichord and violinist Anna-Maria Smerd, look back on 15 years of working together. Today they say: »We saved music for ourselves«, and mean they have escaped from the ›circus‹ of the early music scene with its almost randomly interchangeable musicians and ensembles, its misguided devotedness to rules, as well as arbitrary interpretations.
»We have developed our own distinctive sound and style and have achieved a status which allows us to concern ourselves not only with technique and interpretation but also with the search for artistic authenticity.« A constant enthusiasm burns like a bright fire in the musicians and their music. It lends a deeply human dimension to NeoBarock’s exclusiveness.

»We can’t copy long gone epochs, nor do we want to. Our research, our study of original material and our baroque instruments are not an end in themselves, they are our tools«. This is how NeoBarock conveys early music with immediacy, expertise and scientific precision and especially with »expressive passion and with a joie de vivre and sensuousness steeped in heart’s blood« (Südkurier/Germany) to the ›here and now‹. Their playing erases the divide between the past and the present. NeoBarock – that is baroque music with its fingers on the pulse of our time, experienced anew for today’s listeners.

»The appreciation of a large audience, which is moved by our enthusiasm and which recognizes the different, fresh, new and unconventional quality of NeoBarock gives us the confidence to continue pursuing the direction we’ve chosen.« Success proves the musicians right: In the short time since the group was formed NeoBarock has earned a reputation as an excellent interpreter of exceptional programs with its fascinating renditions that combine passion, perfection and virtuosity. It now ranks as one of the leading formations of its kind. Its intriguing ensemble playing, its breathtaking enthusiasm and homogenous sound make its performances unique and incomparable. With its select and stringently composed concert programs NeoBarock is a feted guest in European concert halls and at numerous renowned festivals. Radio productions and concert recordings are frequently broadcast on national and international radio. In well-received CD recordings for the label ambitus NeoBarock has repeatedly devoted itself to Johann Sebastian Bach and his sphere and has »demonstrated itself to be a stylistically competent champion of this repertoire« (Fono Forum/Germany).

A way of playing that you can’t get enough of.
… artistic mastery that is undoubtedly part of a divine order.
Südkurier (Germany)

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