Gutenbergstr. 62
50823 Köln

Fon: +49 221 6905849
Fax: +49 221 32010089


The NeoBarock head office consists of a rehearsal studio, a library, office rooms as wells as guest rooms for the musicians, and is located in a landmarked townhouse from around 1890, in the heart of Cologne. The unique atmosphere of the building inspires the musicians and allows for undisturbed rehearsals whenever NeoBarock is not on tour. As a free music ensemble that is not subsidized by the state, NeoBarock takes it upon themselves to refurbish the house according to memorial standards – thanks to its members’ untiring dedication. NeoBarock, thereby, creates a proper infrastructure for working professionally.

The ensemble emphasizes the importance of saving the environment, nature and climate: The usage of energies from regenerative sources, the choice of the most environmentally friendly transportations to concerts, car-sharing and the prevention of unnecessary rides on airplanes are our standard.

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for the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg

Toccata Music Management
Contact person: Paul de Kok
Fon: +31 6 81922722

for Spain and Portugal

Music Management Guiomar Blanco S.L.
Contact person: Frau Guiomar Blanco
Fon: +34 91 8051931

for Italy and Switzerland

Segretariato Artistico dell’Associazione Polesine Musica
Contact persons: Leonardo Finotti and Giorgia Zanca
45026, Lendinara, Rovigo, Italien
Fon: +39 3475216490 und +39 3202665696 /

for all other territories

Please do not hesitate to contact us directly.
Fon: +49 221 6905849


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