For NeoBarock historical performance is not an end in itself, a staging of past events, nor do they produce museum pieces as a musical backdrop to contemporary life. NeoBarock do not try to take today’s listeners back into the Baroque era – they transpose that era’s music into our present age. Based on profound knowledge of their source material, on constant research, employing exactly the kind of instruments a piece originally was written for, these readings are a conscious effort to get as close to a composer’s intentions as possible, to reveal the music’s timeless relevance. In thrilling, suggestive concert performances NeoBarock present rediscovered rarities or shed new light on well-known repertoire. With its unmistakable intensity of sound the ensemble is a regular guest in renowned concert halls and at important festivals. In their CD productions (honoured, amongst others, with the ECHO Klassik prize) NeoBarock repeatedly have focussed on Johann Sebastian Bach and his circle, and they have brought forgotten composers like Gottfried Heinrich Stölzel and Johann Philipp Kirnberger back to the attention of a modern audience.

Live recording from Cologne (15.12.2019) – still availabel until 24.1.2020

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